South Van-Fraserview

Located in the Victoria-Fraserview neighbourhood of Vancouver's east side, Station IV sits at an elevation of 41m (135ft).  The station is within 1km of the Fraser River part way up a steep slope.  The slope which stretches east to west across the southern end of Vancouver, puts each street on a terrace above the next.  Most properties receive all day exposure to the sun, wind, and other elements.  In summer the area can be one of the warmest in the city, through fall and winter quite cool and breezy.  While primarily a residential area, the base of the hill is home to many industrial businesses.  To the south, across the Fraser River, the flatlands of Richmond BC are home to many farms.  Richmond is surrounded by water and sits only a few feet above sea level.  This combined with the steep slope at the station means views to the south can be quite stunning.  A camera for the station is in the works.